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von Foerster, Marilyn Miller, PT, MA “BACKPACK SAFETY: AN OXYMORON”
As backpack use for school has become widespread, numerous articles and programs have offered instruction and guidelines in “backpack safety”. Nevertheless, the incidence of backpack-related pain and injury continues to rise and has reached epidemic proportions. Click here to download the article.

This article was written in 2003, before the BackTpack was created. Von Foerster had been concerned about the issue of backpacks and posture of school children. She was invited to contribute her observations and suggestions to the American Physical Therapy Association’s Orthopaedic Section journal which was doing a focus issue on the backpack problem. This article includes analysis of the problem and suggestions of solutions at home, at school, and with public policy. Click here to download the article.

I recently witnessed and participated in a demonstration of the BackTpack® on a schoolgirl comparing it with

carrying of the traditional schoolbag. In short, the BackTpack® was more confortable to carry, could be loaded

more and didn’t distort the schoolgirls posture as much as the traditional bag. The reason for these findings are

explained as follows: Click here to download the review.




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