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Purchasing Your


 We strive for excellence in our approach to an ever-changing industry. Understanding our clients’ individual needs, by listening, is the key to success!

Therefore in the same spirit I based the foundation of my business practices,  when you choose to purchase a BTP and join the movement to create awareness and protect our loved ones I will look to personalise and individualise to the best of my ability the services by which you will purchase these products.

Introducing you to the BackTpack® family that will positively impact your life for years to come.

Individualise and personnalise

Each BackTpack® or BackTpack™ SA purchased through Realign SA  will have a Realign SA Leaf present as a symbol of our commitment to service and quality. 


Purchases will be done via correspondence with us here at ReAlign SA. Based on certain variables we will asses and suggest the correct BTP that will facilitate the individuals specifics.

Every two years individuals will have an opportunity to upgrade their BackTpack®, should it be necessary, based on the users age, growth or just by choice. You will have an opportunity to return your BackTpack® to us and receive a bye back fee, what ever it is deemed to be, based on the state of the returned BackTpack®. This bye back fee will be offset on the replacement value of the new BTP, what ever the purchase price may be at the time of return and relative to the market.  

Terms and Conditions will as aways apply.

The Realign SA Leaf will make the individual eligible for certain discounts and specials from time to time where applicable - as will be indicated and communicated.

Terms and Conditions will as aways apply.


So make the choice, join the movement and help me protect our most valuable asset, the future.

Send me a mail and tell me your story and let us see which BackTpack® is right for you!